Step by step tutorials on how to draw and conceal your eyebrows

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I know having the perfect brows tends to be very difficult for many makeup begginers so I had to pour down my ideas on a paper and make a short video of how I do draw my brows which I’ll be sharing with you guys later on from now .

I’m not perfect though but I can bet what I did was very impressive and you would benefit from it

First let’s talk about the materials needed in drawing and concealing the eyebrows

Materials needed are;

1. A sharp eyepencil

You can go for a black, light brown or dark brown eyepencil depending on your choice

But I would suggest you use the eyepencil that matches with your hair colour to make it look more natural

2. Eyebrow fillers

This can be alternated with the use of eyepencil

3. Liquid eyebrow gel

4. Concealer or foundation

5. Spoolie brush

6. Angled flat brush

Before you get started you would want to make sure your eyebrows are well trimmed and shaped

That would make drawing and concealing very easy and less difficult for you

Step 1

Using your spoolie brush out your eyebrows to create a nice shape for drawing

Step 2

Using your very sharp eyepencil or your eyebrow fillers, Draw a line on the base of your brow hairs not starting from the immediate beginning of your brows to the end( that would make it look more natural)


Draw another line at the top of your brow hairs to meet the end of the first one

The upper line shouldn’t start at the beginning of your brows but a bit inwards to prevent the brows from looking too dark at the beginning.


Using the eyepencil try to fill out your brows by making light strokes

Ensure you follow the direction in which your natural hair grows

Step 5

Use the tip of the spoolie or brush to brush out the beginning of the brows(this will make the brows look natural and lighter at the beginning) then brush also from the beginning to the end to keep brow hairs in place and distribute the colour of the eyepencil properly

Step 6

Conceal your brows by applying foundation or concealer to the top and bottom of the brows

Let it look like you tracing a Line beneath and above your brows or the shape you’ve drawn out with your eyepencil very close to your brow hairs

Let the Concealed line of the upper and lower brows overlap of rather meet at the end of the brows

Step 7

Blend out the foundation or concealer used for the brows evenly into your face

Step 8

Finally, Make use of your brow gel to keep the brow hairs in place

Thanks for reading

much love from KathyB๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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