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Special Diet And Nutritional Requirements For Various Individuals

Nutritional requirements for we humans vary depending on our physiological and health condition.

For example infants and little children may not be able to eat the kind of foods or meals that we adults eat because at that stage they need light and easily digestible meals

so I decided to give a list of some certain individuals and the kind of meals needed by or recommended for them

1. Diet for strict vegetarians

2. Diet for invalids and covalescents

3. Diet for pregnant and lactating women

4. Diet for hypertensive patients

5. Diet for diabetic patients

6. Diet for ulcer patients

7. Diet for diarrhoea or diarrhoel patients

8. Diet for under weight patients

9. Diet for over weight patients

10. Diet for the aged

1. Diet for strict vegetarians;

A Vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat for health or for religious or moral reasons

They do not eat animal flesh or any product derived for animals. They take mainly plant proteins and products

Vegetarian Diet
#Diet requirements for a vegetarian

A vegetarian diet should include a diverse mix of fruits, vegetables, grains, healthy fats and proteins. To replace the protein provided by meat in your diet, include a variety of protein-rich plant foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, tempeh, tofu and seitan.

Examples are soya beans milk, vegetable salad, beans, melon soup, groundnut soup, fruit salad, beans cake (akara balls), moi moi etc

2. Diet for invalids and covalescents;
An invalid is someone who needs to be cared for because they have an illness or disability

while a Convalescent is someone who is getting better after (recovering from) a serious illness or injury

Light and easily digestible food like steamed pudding , lightly poached egg on toast, different types of soups, beef tea, stewed beans with potatoes, beef stew with boiled rice, moi moi with enriched pap Etc

3. Diet for pregnant and lactating women;

They require abundant protein, vitamins, and mineral salts to meet their nutritional needs and that is the foetus or the baby

#Diet of a pregnant woman
Diet requirements

Example meat, fish, beans, egg, milk, fruits, vegetables, rice, soup with suitable accompaniments, offals, nuts etc

4. Diet for hypertensive patients;

Adequate diet should be given to them. They require plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods rich in sodium e.g salt, avoid cholesterol or saturated fatty acids such as eggs, oilyfoods, butter, margarine, etc

Carbohydrate foods should be moderate to avoid obesity

5. Diet for diabetic patients;

Adequate diet with normal protein is required by them but carbohydrate should be restricted

Their meals should include meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, beans, moi moi, unripe plantain, soups with unripe plantain etc

6. Diet for ulcer patients;

what is an ulcer?

Ulcers are sores that are slow to heal or keep returning.

They can be found on different places on the part of the body you can see (on the outside of the human body) such as the leg ulcer found on the skin.

They can also be found on places you can’t see (on the inside of the body) such as the peptic ulcer found in the lining of the stomach.

Ulcer patients require adequate diet. They need food rish in fiber, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc.

The following should be Avoided; pepper, too much spices, acidic foods, alcohol, caffeinated foods and drinks, milk or cream, fatty meat and salty foods.

7. Diet for diarrhoea or diarrhoel patients ;

Diarrhoea causes dehydration therefore the patients need rehydration. The oral rehydration salt include salt, sugar, and water mixed in appropriate quantity.

They require adequate fluid intake, vitamin supplements, mineral salts, high protein and calorie foods example vegetable soups, fish, meat, poultry etc for babies their paps may be mixed with some palm oil, powdered milk or cooked dried crayfish or powdered soya beans milk

8. Diet for under weight patients

They require all the food nutrients in the right proportion

Their diet should have more of energy giving food e.g more fats and carbohydrate with a balance of other nutrients

9. Diet for over weight patients ;

Over weight patients require adequate diet with less fat and carbohydrate foods but more of vitamins and mineral salt. The diet should include fruits, vegetables, stewed beans, unripe plantain, skimed milk, tea, steamed egg, meat, fish etc

10. Diet for the aged;

Their foods should include milk, lean meat, fish or poultry products, fruits, vegetables, egg, while grain or enriched cereal etc

Easily digestible method of cooking should be used e.g steaming, boiling, grilling, stewing etc.

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