Aquaculture Terms

Some of the various terms used in aquaculture are;

  • Fry

  • Fingerlings

  • Fishes

  • Fish Farm


  • Gears

  • Hatchery

    Culture tanks

  • Brood stock

  • Aquarium

  • Aquaculture

  • Fish Husbandry

  • Fish meal

  • Water Quality

  • Bed

  • Brackish water


This is the development stage of the fish after the larvae stage

It is usually at an age of less than one-week. They are young fishes or baby fishes

Fingerlings ;

these are newly hatched fishes regardless of the number or quantity


this refers to different species of fish

Fish Farm ;

the location used to grow and rear aquatic organisms


this is the artificial body of water where fishes can be reared


These are equipments used in harvesting fishes broad stock


This refers to a unit where fish eggs are incubuted and hatched artificially into fish.

Culture tanks;

These are artificial holding areas used to rear fish farm stocks

Brood stock;

this refers to any specie of fish raised mainly for reproduction purpose.


this is an artificial fish pond kept for aesthetic or entertainment purposes at home


This refers to the study and production of fish shrimps and other aquatic food organism

It is the controlled growth of aquatic species (Fresh water and salt water organisms)

Fish husbandry;

It is the rearing and breeding of fishes for different purposes

Fish meal;

this refers to commercially processed food used during fish farming as a source of protein for the fishes.

Water quality;

This refers to the characteristics of water such as; pH, temperature, contamination and it’s purity from chemicals which determines it’s ability to sustain life.


The bottom of a water body such as sea or ocean. For example the sea bed.

Brackish water;

Water that is a mixture of sea water and fresh water. A brackish water has more salinity than fresh water but not as sea water

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