6 Factors You Must Take Into Consideration Before Siting A Fish Pond!!- Conditions Or Factors Necessary For Siting A Fish Pond

Conditions or factors necessary for siting a fish pond

During the process of fish farming there are certain factors one must take into consideration such as;

  1. Space or cleared plot of land
  2. Fish ponds or containers
  3. Hatchery
  4. Fish feeds etc

of which the availabity of fish ponds cannot be neglected and before proper installation of fish ponds there are still some factors we need to consider such as;

1. Adequate water supply

2. Soil type in the area

3. Vegetation of the area

4. Availability of supplementary feeds

5. Availability of supplementary fast growing fishes and

6. Topography of the area or soil topography

The farmer needs to ensure that these conditions are favourable to him/ her before he/she sites a pond

I’m sure most of us are already familiar with some of these conditions so I’ll just run through and explain the ones I’ve already highlighted above which are;

1. Adequate Water Supply;

There must be a constant supply of water of good quality and quantity

The water can be gotten from lakes, streams, rivers, irrigation canals, springs etc

Good quality water is very necessary because it provides a high quantity of dissolved oxygen needed by the fish

Water provides oxygen to fish and also serve as a medium for providing feeds to the fish

Water also serve as a medium for waste discharge and reproduction by the fishes

The water should be free from smell, taste, colour, and pollution. It should also not be too muddy and must be free from pollution

2. Soil Type In The Area;

Soil in the area must be fertile so as to supply nutrient to the fish. It should be clay because of its ability to hold water which is very important in fish pond construction. Soil with too much sand or gravel is not good and would not retain water.

3. Vegetation Of The Area;

Low vegetation especially grasslands are preferred.Woody sites are not suitable because clearing and stumping will greatly increase the amount in the production of fish pond

4. Topography;

Topography means the physical appearance of the natural features of an area of land, especially the shape of its surface

The shape of the land should allow for easy draining and filling of pond with water. The water must flow from a place that is higher than the pond so that the water can flow into the pond directly if not, the need for water pumps would arise and this will increase the cost of the project. However, fish pond can be contructed on a flat or level ground but lots of soil have to be removed to create the slope

5. Availability of fast growing fish;

Fingerlings or baby fish available for stocking a fish pond should be the type that can grow fast and mature within a very short time. The use of improved varieties (breeds) in stocking fish pond makes fish farming more profitable

6. Availability of supplementary feedstuff;

Supplementary feeding is done to ensure rapid growth of fish and allow high stocking density. Artificial or compounded feeds in form of pellets are used to supplement the natural feed (plankton). The addition of fertilizer also promotes the rapid growth of planktons (natural fish food) in the fish pond.

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web site May 29, 2020 at 11:14 am

Keep up the good work

 Fish Farming business in Nigeria -Materials Needed And Essential Processes Involved | Lifestyle Nigeria April 4, 2020 at 1:37 am

[…] Before siting a fish pond one has to take into consideration some given factors to know more about such factors read my article here on 6 conditions necessary for siting a fish pond […]

Vincent Baluku January 10, 2020 at 11:33 am

Thanks for this Good information. it has guided my inspiration in starting fish farming

Katherine January 10, 2020 at 6:56 pm

You welcome Vincent and thanks for reading
You could try working in a fish farm for 3 months to see how it operates it would give you more knowledge

Fish Farming Business In Nigeria Materials Needed And Essential Processes Involved - JustKathyB. June 20, 2019 at 7:46 pm

[…] Before siting a fish pond one has to take into consideration some given factors to know more about such factors read my article here on 6 conditions necessary for siting a fish pond […]


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